A Look at the HP DesignJet T2530 36-in Multifunction Printer

The HP DesignJet T2530 36-in Multifunction Printer is a multifunction printer or MFP with which you can tremendously boost your workgroup performance in your organization. With this printer, you will be able to get the best quality and professional prints relatively quickly. It helps your organization in enhancing the productivity thanks to its ultra high printing speeds. The design of the printer includes two rolls along with a high intuitive and user friendly control panel. The printer can be used in accomplishing multiple functions in organizations including scanning, printing and copying. It is securing printing machine that is also very easy to manage.

HP DesignJet T2530 36-in Multifunction Printer

Get Professional Quality with the GOM HP DesignJet T2530 36-in Multifunction Printer

One of the top advantages of the HP DesignJet T2530 36-in Multifunction Printer is its professional and high quality. With this kind of printer, you will be able to get precise presentations of your work with very detailed colour options. There are a total of six Original HP inks that it comes with. You can use this machine if you need high-quality and highly detailed prints such as those architectural prints that need to be of the highest quality possible. The graphics in the DesignJet T2530 36-in Multifunction Printer are of very high resolution.

With the colour accuracy of the machine, you can apply this in creating very professional quality CAD drawings as well as GIS drawings and achieve very crisp and incredible colour accuracy when you are using this machine.  Users can expect very high quality print outputs produced within a very short time. According to the machine specifications, it is possible for you to produce an A1 size paper in a matter of 21 seconds!

It is a Highly Efficient Printer

When you buy the Global Office Machine HP DesignJet T2530 36-in Multifunction Printer, you will certainly appreciate the great efficiency of this machine in all printing applications. Its high level of performance can help workgroups in saving a lot of time.

For example, the printer has been designed with very easy and simple access to the control panel and is perfectly suited for DIY operations for printing, scanning and copying. It has an output stacking tray that can handle up to 50 pages and work groups will be able to stay on course and on tasks as the printer seamlessly delivers flat prints which are also collated.

It is designed with two rolls in order to offer you as much flexibility as possible during the operation of the printer. There is great simplicity in various aspects of its operations including in the ease of front loading and the automatic alignment functionality of the machine. The printer is also designed with smart switching functionality as well as two media sizes to choose from. Part of the flexibility is also in the smartphone integration of the machine. It is possible to easily print out material from your Android device or iOS device from any location by using the HP Mobile Printing feature.


Lastly, the device has incredible manageability. It is a very secure printer that is also relatively easy to manage for various IT applications. Whether you are carrying out network integration or upgrades on the printer, you will spend considerably less time and expend less effort in managing the device. It gives you greater control; you can easily initiate various processes including the monitoring of the media rolls, the status of the printer as well as the tracking of jobs. Lastly, it has very good security and data protection features including PIN printing and IPsec. All of these make it a reliable a multifunction machine that you simply must have in your business premises. You can find it at Global Office Machines at HTTP://GOM.COM.AU/PRODUCT/HP-DESIGNJET-T2530-36-IN-MULTIFUNCTION-PRINTER/

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