BMW Car Services in Brisbane Are Flourishing With Exciting New Facilities

If you own a luxury BMW, then you must also be well aware of all the services necessary to maintain that sleek car of yours. You obviously want it to look glorious just as it was the first day when you bought it. You might be thinking that maintaining your BMW is as expensive as buying it. However, you are wrong as every bmw service Brisbane centre offers some of the most reasonably priced services in Australia. Now, maintaining your BMW should not be as costly as before. The car professionals in Brisbane are known for restoring your BMW to its new look without jeopardizing the car warranty.

bmw service brisbane

Maintenance of the ultimate luxury car needs considerable expertise and meticulous care. BMW Care services in Brisbane do not tamper with the quality of your car. Authentic car parts are used in the installation services so that the quality of your car remains genuine as ever.

General Services Offered:

•    Maintenance for preventing future car breakdowns

•    Oil change services

•    Repairing brakes

•    Services for battery and charging

•    Exhaust and silencer services

•    Engine tuning services

•    Services for car cooling system

•    Services for climate control system

•    Safety inspection for tyres

•    Services for clutches and suspension system

•    Repair of radiator and its maintenance

•    Balancing and Alignment of Wheels.

•    Cleaning of ultrasonic injector

•    Air conditioning service

•    Fuel injection services

•    Replacement of cylinder heads

Car Enhancement Services Offered:

•    Upgradation of fuel injection system

•    Upgradation of supercharging

•    Upgradation of turbo charging

•    Rebuilding engine

•    Transplanting engine

•    Upgradation of brake and suspension system

Preparation and Building of Track Car:

If you are into motorsports, then you must be delightful because every centre for BMW service Brisbane market has today boasts of some of the best professionals experienced in racing and track preparation. They also offer the following services:

•    Transplants and tuning of the engine

•    Safety improvements of CAMS compliant

•    Strengthening of chassis

•    Improvements of driveline

•    Reconditioning and rebuilding of car components

According to an article published on July 5, 2016, in, Brisbane BMW Body Shop has opened a new avenue for top notch car services at Nudgee Road, Hendra. The opening of the new shop has accelerated the rate of excellent car repairs completed each week. The repair capability has escalated by 40%. This seems to be a great kick start to more refined and state of the art car services in Australia with the latest technology and added equipment. The new add-ons to the car services are infrared drying systems, carbon fiber and aluminum repair facility, touch screen drive through spray ovens. A new customer service café has also been built with free Wi-Fi facility.

BMW service Brisbane centres offer is also dedicated towards the environmentally friendly approach to repairing and reusing the car parts. As far as the environment is concerned, BMW holds the latest sustainable technology in producing the recyclable synthetics and other materials which can be reused efficiently. BMW group has been honorably given the place in the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index which is the prestigious list of sustenance oriented companies.

Most of the car service centers also provide mobile car service with the smooth online booking system and 24X7 customer service, if you get into any problem at any time.

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