Guide to Installing LED Strip Lighting Under Cabinets

One area where LED strip lights are most applied is under the cabinet. With proper installation techniques, LED strip lights can also be a wonderful addition to your kitchen, your home office, or even on your work bench. These are areas that could easily benefit from the strip lights’ top quality and direct task lighting.

If you are planning to install these under the cabinet, we have provided a simple guide that you can follow for an easy and seamless installation process. Unless you are skilled in electrical installations, it is important to hire a skilled electrician to carry out the installations for you.

This is generally recommended for all LED strip lighting installations in your home. It does not only ensure that you avoid injuries during the installation process, but also ensure proper code compliance for your lighting installations to work perfectly in illuminating dark corners of your home. See World Of Thought.

  • Choose an area under your cabinet where you will install the LED strip lighting toggle switch, along with the power adapter. An ideal location will be near a corner or close to a wall switch. This will allow you to easily reach the toggle switch in order to turn it on and off.
  • Carefully remove the protective paper that is attached on the back of the power adapter. Once you have done this, you can proceed to carefully press your adapter against the bottom cabinet surface where it is to be installed. By placing it this way, you will also allow extra space for the installation of the actual LED strip light.
  • Repeat the step above for the strip lighting toggle switch. The switch should be placed in an outward direction facing the open space. This will allow for ease of activation.
  • Take the measurements of the cabinet underside then cut the same length of the double-sized tape using a pair of scissors.
  • Carefully remove the protective paper from one side of the tape and then, press the tape on the underside of the cabinet. For the best illumination effect, this should be placed at the centre of the cabinet.
  • Now, remove the exposed protective paper from the length of the long tape.
  • Your toggle switch connector should now be plugged into a LED strip lighting.
  • Place the strip lighting above on the exposed side of the long tape, which you pressed underneath your cabinet.
  • Press the trip along the entire length of your long tape, until the entire length has adhered to below the cabinet.
  • Take a 2-pin connecting wire and plug it into the open ends of the strip lighting placed above. The opposite end of the 2-pin connecting wire can be connected to another strip light where you will need extra strip lights under your cabinet.
  • To power the LED lighting strip, you can now plug in the power cord coming from your strip lighting power adapter into the wall outlet. Your LED lights are now powered and you can begin observing the brilliance of the lighting.

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