Never be a Loner with Brotherwood’s Wheelchair Vehicles

Are you uncomfortable seeing your family leave you behind? Not at ease if your family and friends pity and stay back home to look after you? Indeed both cases will give you the tendency to feel low and go through depression due to your inability. Being reliant on a wheelchair doesn’t mean that you have to be confined at home. With the technological advancement, the Brotherhood, the most reputed and trusted manufacturer of wheelchair vehicles since 1985 brings a wide variety of adapted and customized vehicles for the handicapped people. Brotherhood offers the variety that includes the best and the leading brands wheelchair accessible vehicles from Ford, Volkswagen, Peugeot and Kia.

Built of the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

The structure of the disability vehicle is modified as per the requirement, comfort and safety of the disabled person. Usually these kinds of vehicles comes with lowered floors and raised ceiling to  provide plenty of head space for the handicapped person for extra comfort. The high end technologies have made it easy and very much possible for the disabled person to feel like any other common man who can move freely and drive the car all by themselves. The controls of the wheelchair vehicles are customized  as per the level of disability. The foot or hand control can be modified as per the disabled driver’s choice. The rapid progression of technology is nothing new today.  Touch pads, joysticks, and automatic steering wheel  are all achievable with the exact alteration. Although the extent of the handicapped person’s disability decides if they should  be allowed to drive these highly compact, convenient and smart looking cars.

Brotherhood offers various kinds of vehicles with an assortment of options like the Caddy Maxi provides space for large wheelchairs, the Caddy Life allows the disabled person to be positioned behind the driver’s seat, Sharan lets 5 people along with wheelchair inside the spacious car, Partner Gold Lion allows the disable to enjoy the front seat beside the driver, and many more. The disability car lets you travel alone or with your family without worries and lets you enjoy in a group, without feeling left out. The best part of the company is that most of these wheelchair vehicles come with the Motability schemes. So you have the option to purchase outright, rent it for a short or long period of time or avail support using Motability and other funding packages.

How does Motability Scheme work?

Brotherhood is proud of its outstanding service, quality and commitment towards the customers for providing the world class range of wheelchair accessible vehicles with the best schemes. In order to take care of the affordability factor, Brotherhood offers the Motability scheme which allows the autonomous non-profit institutions provide mobility solutions for handicapped people. The Motability plan uses the mobility grant to aid you and acquire an appropriate wheelchair accessible car.  The Motability scheme allows the handicapped person to get a new Motability vehicle on a 3 or 5 year agreement rental lease. Read more here

The major aim of Brotherhood is to assist the disabled passengers and make their journey comfortable. The company goes an extra mile to let you feel at ease in the crowd and enjoy the bliss like any able vehicle passenger.

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